Does Wearing Trendy Designer Trunks Boost Your Confidence?

Does Wearing Trendy Designer Trunks Boost Your Confidence?

Short answers are all well and good, but we prefer to take you on a brief guided tour instead. Shorts and briefs puns aside, we’re all about them trunks. Checking out the lineup at sites like reveals just how varied trunks are. Each one practically has its own personality, which brings us round to YOU.


Your Trunks Define You

Granted, not everyone is a supermodel with a killer bod being tasked with walking all sensual on a set and making love to the camera. That is not the sort of confidence we can all aspire to. However, the right lingerie choices can make you feel like you are your own supermodel.

This sense of empowerment and self-worth connects beautifully with notions of self-love and self-respect. Trunks provide a ‘self-centric’ approach to fashion’s ability to boost one’s confidence. Not choosing to feel this way is what being ‘selfish’ is truly about.


Being the Best Version of You

Remember that companies do the best they can to ensure that their products have the most optimum chance to grab attention and encourage sales. This is precisely why you will find men with attractive bodies sporting trunks that look perfect on THEM.

Everyone has grown aware that what often looks good on an online model will turn out disastrous on real-life people. With trunks, you have the same quality of fit and tightness you see online. Irrespective of your body type, the colour theme and design choice you opt for will definitely ‘break the ice’ was most required. Speaking of which…


Bedroom Magic

As we said before, you aren’t going to be paid to walk around in your undies. But if you do happen to live alone, or are married without kids, you can definitely spruce up your day with a simple walkabout indoors wearing your trunky best.

This is how you boost your confidence, personally and sexually alike. Your partner or date is sure to love the thought you put into spicing up the evening or night. This is where a major number of men find their inner confidence when they let themselves be free and end up pleasing their partner as a result.


Heading Out?

Even with all your usual clothes on, the ‘secret knowledge’ of you wearing a pair of trunks from companies like Oneleph & Co. is sure to set you on a personal success track. You will carry yourself better, thanks in large part to the comfort and sturdy ‘grip’ that trunks impart in all the right places.

Additionally, you know the colours that you chose when you dressed up for the day. The print design on each trunk comes specially tailored to cater to a spectrum of ‘emotions’. Choosing the right trunk for the day, therefore, becomes a wave of a wand, in a manner of speaking, granting you the edge when it comes to this or that activity you have planned.



It is basic psychology. Confidence begins with the ‘suggestion’ that you are going to feel exactly that. It starts in your innermost personal circuit. And what is more personal than underwear?

With trunks like the ones at Oneleph, which includes designs like Blame it on the Night, Poppin, Pop-up, Constellation, Origami, Music Vintage Cars, etc., you get to ‘choose your emotion’ while also ensuring that you are ready for any romantic or hot encounters. Just reading about it is making you feel a tad confident, isn’t it?

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