Oneleph: A growing fashion brand for designer trunks and socks

Have you ever dreamed of owning uber-cool innerwear that sets you apart from the crowds of whites and blacks? Unfortunately, there hasn’t been much experimentation in designing intimate wear, and that leaves with little to options.

We are here to change that and open up a world of colours, shapes, designs and themes. Ahem, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Oneleph & Co. is unapologetic, artistic and adventurous. Quirky, stylish and comfortable, we source, design and manufacture couture trunks and socks that become the statement element of your wardrobe. Stitched from high-quality, silky and cooling fabric, our products come in twenty-nine collections that redefine the erstwhile mundane conventions about innerwear in India. Do you like a particular design? We’ve got it for you.

We want you to relate to what you wear on the inside because that’s equally important. However, why should you listen to us? Here’s why:

  • Comfort is our priority. We use a blend of 95% Lenzing Modal and 5% Elastane that keeps you secure, comforted and cool. And, in case, you didn’t hear it the first – comfort, comfort, comfort. What is the point of even trying out new things if they are not comfortable?
  • Working with top-notch freelance designers all over India, we spend our days brainstorming and nights designing out-of-the-world themes (all of our designers are registered under copyright laws in India)
  • We don’t just focus on the product, we value the people who make the brand a success every day. You can see the love on our website, organic colours and reusable packaging as well (doing our bit to save the planet).
  • Our team supports, criticises and motivates all of us throughout the product-making process – from the first pencil line to the finishing stitch – so that only the best reaches your hands.
  • Keeping up with the ever-changing fashion industry is tough, so we keep the platter fresh with brand-new designs that precede our new arrivals.

Now that we think of it, our USP doesn’t lie in the product or the fabric. It lies in our minds and hearts when we devise off-the-wall designs that are neatly packaged into twenty-nine collections. Each of our designs has their personality and catches the eye with their dynamic colours, wacky designs and luxurious comfort. And, that’s what makes us special.

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