Oneleph&Co Has Made Socks A Fashion Accessory

People notice a lot of things when you walk into a room. One of the first things they see is what you’re wearing on your feet.

  • A small push against this notion will bring us from shoes to socks. People actually notice socks!
  • What were once merely sweat-absorbing anti-chafing pieces of fabric are today a booming sector of the fashion industry
  • It only proves one thing that socks are here to stay. So you might as well get creative and style up using these seriously underrated fashion accessories.

Socks are indeed that, fashion accessories. You need only take a look at collections online, like those on Oneleph&Co, to get a glimpse into a colourful world where each pair of socks has the potential to make a statement. That means YOU make a statement when you wear them.

  • Socks don’t always serve as pieces of attire that remain hidden behind shoes and hems; they can also serve you in intimate settings
  • Just donning some trunks (feel free to check out Oneleph’s extensive collection for these) and a pair of well-chosen socks can up your bedroom game in more ways than one
  • You want proof? Just watch Tom Cruise in ‘Risky Business’ (1983). Nuf said!

Now the 80s were a weird time for fashion, but the 2k generation has arrived, and the party is really getting started where fashion and personal style statements are concerned.

A few quick style-tips:

  • Vertical stripes make you appear taller
  • Patterns make you look elegant and sophisticated
  • Horizontal stripes make you seem rooted and strong
  • A combination of some or all make you come across as the heart of any party


As you can imagine, the sheer potential to impress no longer rests with what you wear on your upper body alone. A peek (naughty pun intended) at some Instagram models will add credibility to the cleverness behind snapping different styles of photographs.

  • You will notice men and women alike showing off more of their bodies, and what they wear to highlight them
  • These style statements used to be centred around shirts, shorts, skirts, and whatnot
  • If these past few years have taught us anything about trends in the fashion industry, people are turning to feet as well to check out someone’s personal ‘fabulosity quotient.’

Suppose you are just starting out, or maybe you aren’t even interested in insta-modelling. Even in these instances, a simple video or social media post of yours can go viral if you time and theme it right. Halloween is just around the corner, by the way. Imagine the possibilities if you can work socks into your costume design idea. Say your costume is going to be something ridiculously funny like ‘guy forgets his pants to work’. Socks! You do the math.

  • You are sure to become the heart of any party if you wear the right socks, more so if it happens to be a pajama party
  • You will certainly make a good impression on your partner in bed if you slip under the sheets wearing just your favourite socks
  • Then there’s the personal boost to self-esteem when you wear something bold underneath your usual sombre office attire.

You can rest assured that socks can and will make a difference to your everyday clothing choices, especially the collection at Oneleph. Why be boring when you can make heads turn, all the way from your head to your sock-covered toes?


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