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Vibrant colours, quirky patterns, and luxurious comfort – that’s what we describe Oneleph & Co. as. Launched in 2019, we are a group of like-minded individuals that strive to create value for our clients. The brand is the brainchild of Mr. Ankit Machhar, who wanted to break the age-old rules associated with innerwear. Today, the brand boasts of twenty-nine collections – each with a unique design concept. We’re much more than a company that produces designer trunks and socks, we personify imagination, creativity, and passion on a colourful platter. You’d see that artistic streak that we’re talking about on our website and packaging as well, and we thank our team for it.

Being a startup, we have poured our heart and soul into this project, and have collaborated with freelance designers from all over India. We are staunch believers in environmental sustainability, and use organic colors and reusable packaging for our products. Of course, comfort remains our top priority with our high-quality fabric that secures, comforts, and cools – all the same time.

Designers are an important part of the Oneleph, and we value them from the bottom of our hearts. They are involved in every step and milestone of the brand, and we simply cannot do without them. Without any further ado, let us meet the team that makes Oneleph possible:

  • Aditya 

Let’s just say, SketchUp is his best friend. Aditya turns lifeless renders, shapes and colours into interactive walkthroughs and signage projects that blow his clients’ minds away. Not a great movie critic, but is an amazing company. Also, he happens to be one of the few people who do not play PUBG at work. Check.

His masterpieces: Monster In My Pants, Ikkat, Patch Patch

  • Bonita

A diehard Potterhead, Bonita is an accident-prone Muggle who spins magic with her magic wand when she creates spatial experiences that hypnotise visitors and supercharge brand advocacy.

Her masterpieces: Strippy

  • Nancy

A true-blue professional, Nancy holds an impressive degree as a graduate from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bengaluru. Now a Mumbai-based graphic designer, she steals the show with her love for bold colours and typography.

Her masterpieces: Wrap Around

  • Mamta

Mamta combines her love for stories with design, weaving a tale of strategy and happiness in everything that she touches. She imbibes research, culture and narrative on her world travels into her creations, which make them one-in-a-million pieces.

Her masterpieces: Origami Wildlife

  • Ayesha

A master of visual communication and strategic branding, Ayesha is a graduate from the Srishti Insitute of Art, Design and Technology. She loves merging illustration art into graphic designing using analogue and digital techniques and enjoys cuddling dogs in her free time.

Her masterpieces: Levelling the Stripes, Emojishorts

  • Smita

Always on the lookout for design trends, Smita has an eye for visual communication and branding. She has completed her bachelor’s degree from the MIT Institute of Design and thrives on enhancing her visual style. When she’s not working, she’s either snacking on butter or getting people high on her signature coffee.

Her masterpieces: Blame it on the night, Form Meets Flow

  • Shreya

A powerhouse of energy, Shreya discovered her love affair with designing when she joined a marketing agency. A well-coveted background in the media industry motivates her to create brand stories that leave a long-lasting impression. Though she bridges business and design together, there’s no work to be done if an unexpected box of sushi arrives at her desk.

Her masterpieces: Peekaboo

  • Hiloni

A part-time fitness freak and a full-time graphic designer, Hiloni can be found lost in the cafes of Juhu with a cup of green tea. Her own company, Pinqurrent, represents minimalism and positivity. Her world revolves around eating, sleeping and designing and the occasional dog love.

Her masterpieces: Music, Fitness Royal, Casino

  • Preeti

A woman of several talents, Preeti has designed collections the BMW Lakme Fashion Week 2014. With a star-studded NIFT background, she’s photographer and painter who’s worked on prints and graphics for Elle.

Her masterpieces: Machine, Constellation, Pop-Up, Travel, Carnival

  • Vrushali

Simple design with a choice of colours, Vrushali is a graphic designer who enjoys travelling, music and nature.

Her masterpieces: Checkered, Plain, Plain Checks, Rainbow Criss-cross

  • Meen Vora

A multi-disciplinary designer, Meen enjoys learning and learning more. She brings her experience in jewellery designing to her current passion and creates vintage pieces. Layering and nature motifs are her favourite, she weaves stories around her surreal and intricate designs. An old-fashioned soul, she backpacks around Mumbai with a hot cup of chai and soulful music.

Her masterpieces: Vintage Cars

  • Super Design Studio

A Mumbai-based independent home design studio, Super Design Studio was launched by Pratima and Shantanu. A power-packed duo, they bring their creative insight and energy to create vector illustrations, photo manipulation, colour play, negative-space graphics, custom lettering and freestyle typography. They are super-interested by fashion, product design, spaces and nature.

Their masterpieces: Stripes 1, Stripes 2, Polka Dots

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