The Best Thing to Happen in Men’s Style and Fashion Trends- Oneleph Trunks

Trousers, boots, handbags, you name it, there’s not a thing you settle down to without a dozen checks on every feature that make them up. But when it comes to the garment snuggling your nether regions, meh, anything would do. Does this ring a bell to you? Well, not anymore! Oneleph & Co. splashes a multitude of colour, variety, and texture into something men always brush off in the blink of an eye. Trunks!

With around fifteen kinds of trunks crafted by leading freelance designers from every part of the country, Oneleph & Co. makes you pump up your style statement on the inside as well!  

A vast collection of around fifteen different kinds of trunks has what it takes to blow you away with all the off-beat patterns and smooth comfiness. Maybe you might finally stop in your tracks and absorb the innovation and freshness that can be unleashed in something as simple and mundane as trunks!

  1. Origami Wildlife Men’s Printed Trunks: ‘I like to move it, move it!’ Yes! You read that right! The cute little prints of jungle wonders printed on these trunks make you hop up and down just for the hell of it!
  1. Music Vintage Cars Men’s Printed Trunks: These trunks will remind you of sweet-sounding symphonies every time you wear them!
  1. Blame It On The Night Men’s Printed Trunks: Don’t just revel in champagne and finger food in a night shindig. Make it visible on your trunks as well!
  1. Travel Men’s Printed Trunks: Take your trunks on a wanderlust spree without spending a dime on the travel tickets!
  1. Monster In My Pants Men’s Printed Trunks: The adorable monsters in these trunks won’t make you pee in your pants!
  1. Carnival Men’s Printed Trunks: Craving for the good old ‘funfair visit’ days? These trunks do take you to one!
  1. Emoji Shorts Men’s Printed Trunks: Unwrap the soft side of you with adorable floral prints on your trunks!
  1. Constellation Men’s Printed Trunks: When was the last time you went star-gazing? Give these trunks a chance to remind you of the various constellations you used to marvel over!
  1. Polka Dots Men’s Printed Trunks: Let those vibrant bubbles not just be a part of your spring wardrobe. Sprinkle it all over your trunks!
  1. Fitness Men’s Printed Trunks: Too lazy to hit the gym? These trunks will give you the much-needed push to burn the flab!
  1. Chequered Men’s Printed Trunks: Extra-bored with the usual black and white chequers? Time to breathe life into it with these eye-catching trunks!
  1. Pop-Up Men’s Printed Trunks: Bring on the uptown funkiness in you with every modern lingo you can think about posted on these trunks!
  1. Wrap Around Men’s Printed Trunks: These multi-coloured trunks will bring the ‘paint-dabbling’ feel into reality!
  1. Music Men’s Printed Trunks: Bring out the Mozart in you with these trunks!
  1. Plain Men’s Printed Trunks: Want your trunks to be pure and simple for once? Yes, it can!

Pick any among these. A pack of three trunks is all yours with just Rs.1599.


Oneleph & CO trunks are not just for the days you laze around the coach eating chips. Be it office, parties, workouts, or even the beaches you go surfing once in a blue moon, the premium fibre used in every stitch of Oneleph & Co. trunks fit the body to absolute perfection. With 95 per cent Lenzing Model and 5 per cent Elastane mingled into every fibre, wave your goodbyes to itchy crotches!

We do our bit in showing the globe some love as well. The fresh platter of colours splashed on every trunk is organic to the hilt! The packages can be put into use even after the trunks are unwrapped out of them.

Who said you need to look and feel the best version of yourself only on the outside? Time to let Oneleph & Co. trunks bring your innerwear out from the caves and flaunt it with the head held high! 

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