Top Beach Party Trunks for Men

Top Beach Party Trunks for Men

Trunks for men are boxer briefs halfway by way of style between a brief and a boxer. In short, one can say that it is a hybrid form of a brief. It is fast gaining popularity because it's a slim fit. Men find it flattering and stylish as well as they are great for exercising. 


The original trunk design is economical, as well as a balanced one. A trunk typically covers one-third of the thigh. Therefore, it has more fabric than the traditional brief. A variety of fabrics are used, so the trunks don't tend to bunch up in the tight pants or slide up while a person is working out. Also, there is a firm grip on the waist as well as the legs. Thus, trunks have the same support of the brief but with added comfort and a lot of styles. 


Hot to Handle – Oneleph Trunks


Oneleph trunks are here to add vibrant colors and quirky designs to your whole idea of innerwear. Oneleph is here to change your perception of an innerwear. Be it a day in the office or a date night or a party on the beach or just fun outing, take Oneleph trunks along with you and feel the inner you come out at its best. 


Reveal your true self with Oneleph Trunks. Get those flashy-pants up and be beach-bound. Oneleph presents the following top beach party trunks to be a top-rated beachie among the others – 


  1. Blame it on the Night Printed Trunks 
Crazy Beach nights with cocktails and barbeques out in the open are the best memories. Live it up to your best, and hang around with all of your friends wearing these trunks to have a fun time of your life.


  1. Pop-Up Men's Printed Trunks 


It is inspired by the thought "Live life to express, not to impress." It depicts quirky thoughts while having lively conversations as well as colorful relationships to reflect the inner you. Hang around with one of these trunks to have a fun tete-a-tete.



  1. Monster in my Pants Men's Printed Trunks


The inspiration for these trunks is that we all have monsters inside us, making us all a little bad. These trunks are for those men who dare to embrace this dangerous, dark side of themselves and love to play and have fun, especially on a beach. 


  1. Travel Men's Printed Trunks


Everyone loves to travel. Life is a journey, not a destination. This beautiful thought is the inspiration for these travel men's printed trunks. All those things that keep us connected and help us to explore the world around us like bicycles, buses, taxis, ships, and airplanes are put in print to motivate that travel bug in you to pack your bags and leave for a journey called 'life.' 


  1. Origami Wildlife Men's Printed Trunks


Terra was a Pangea full of wildlife and their habitats before humans evolved. It is the inspiration behind these trunks. When wearing on a beach, you will be transported to the world unknown and can end up meeting a 'Dino' or a 'Parakeet.'


  1. Emoji Shorts Men's Printed Trunks


Inspired from the millennial trends, enter a beach party which is 'lit' wearing one of these and just 'bounce' and you will 'kill it.'


All the above Oneleph trunks are made from high-quality fabrics, which are silky, stretchy, and a cooling blend of 95% Lenzing modal and 5% elastane. It provides long-lasting comfort. It's breathable and moisture-wicking and keeps you dry and fresh all day. It can be washed in a machine with no deformation or piling after multiple washes. A unique design with no side and back seams with no-chaffing flatlock and tagless to make you more comfortable.


What are you waiting for? Wear one of the Oneleph Trunks and be 'on fire.'



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