About us

Vibrant colours, quirky patterns and luxurious comfort – that’s what we describe Oneleph & Co. as. Launched in 2019, we are a group of like-minded individuals that strive to create value to our clients. We wanted to break the age-old rules associated with innerwear. Today, the brand boasts of 29 collections with 87 different and unique design – each with a unique design concept. We’re much more than a company that produces designer trunks and socks, we personify imagination, creativity and passion on a colourful platter. You’d see that artistic streak that we’re talking about on our website and packaging as well, and we thank our team for it.

Being a startup, we have poured our heart and soul into this project, and have collaborated with freelance designers from all over India. We are staunch believers in environmental sustainability, and use organic colours and reusable packaging for our products. Of course, comfort remains our top priority with our high-quality fabric and smooth yarn that secures the fit and looks cool all at the same time.

Designers are an important part of the Oneleph, and we value them from the bottom of our heart. They are involved in every step and milestone of the brand, and we simply cannot do without them.

Oneleph products are made from sustainable and superfine fibre- Micro Modal. It feels light against the skin and offers a perfect fitting. Designed with passion and extraordinary ideas, these vibrant prints are the mind child of amazingly creative designers. Oneleph guarantees the quality and the safety of the wearer as it uses organic colors only.