Aditya Tambe
Aditya loves playing with the third dimension. He whips up immersive walkthroughs and experiences on sketchup, which is easily his favorite toy. He enjoys signage projects and referencing greatly and also never plays PUBG at work. He ends up liking 99% of the movies he watches, hence not a reliable source of suggestions but surely great company to go with!

- Monster In My Pants
 - Ikkat
- Patch Patch

Nancy Roy
Nancy is a graphic designer based out of Mumbai. A graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Bangalore, her love for colour and bold type helps her to give a happy vibe in all her work.

- Wrap Around

Meen Vora
Born with passion for anything art, Meen is an ever learning multidisciplinary designer, with an unconventional journey from being a jewellery designer to a full time graphic designer, who loves to explore the ever changing fascinating world of design through creating designs that are more vintage, rustic, with a feel of yesteryear eras.She loves weaving stories & creating surreal images through layering of objects, nature, design motifs, etc. & creating patterns, with absolute fascination for very minute & intricate designs! When she’s not designing, she loves to wander the city of Mumbai with a cup of chai and some soulful music.

- Music Vintage Cars

Preeti Pandey
Preeti is a graduate of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). She has designed collections for Elle and BMW Lakme Fashion Week 2014. When she's not designing clothing, she’s an avid photographer and painter. a womenswear line including prints and graphics for ELLE.

- Pop Up
- Constellation
- Travel

Super Design
Super Design is an independent design home-studio setup based in Mumbai city, formed by Pratima & Shantanu, two art graduates from Rachana Sansad College. They bring together their creative energies to create freestyle typography, vector illustrations, photo manipulation, color play, negative-space graphics and much more. Custom lettering and experimenting with design is a part of their routine. They are super kicked by spaces, fashion, product design and everything nature.

- Polka Dots
- Stripes 1

Mamta Khanna
Mamta has her own moments of enlightenment when she combines her passion for stories with experience design, working at the intersection of strategy and delight. By using a combination of cultural insights, research and narrative stemming from her time spent on two continents, Mamta looks for a thread of magic and delight in everything she does!

- Origami Wildlife

Hiloni Shah
Hiloni is a part time fitness geek and a full time graphic designer. It’s difficult to track her because more than her office you’ll find her designing out of all the cafes of Juhu, with a cup of green tea by her side. Her company Pinqurrent, boasts about simplicity, minimalism and positive vibes. Her world is pretty much eat, sleep and live design, add a tinge of dogs to it and she’s all set!

- Music
- Fitness
- Royal

Vrushali Mali
Vrushali is a graphic designer who loves using a variety of colours and getting into details while keeping her designs simple. She loves travelling, music and being in nature.

- Checkered
- Plain
- Plain Checks
- Rainbow Criss

Smita Sohoni
She is a Graphic Designer graduate from MIT Institute of Design. Her strength lies in branding and visual communication. She is always in the know on new design trends, is looking for ways to incorporate it in her ever evolving visual style. When she is not stalking the latest design trends, she is busy snacking on slabs of butter or getting everybody buzzed on large amounts of her skilfully crafted coffee.

- Blame it on the Night
- Form Meets Flow